Pick Your Octobie!

Octobie offers scalable sizes and options to meet your smaller abode needs, whether you're looking for a wide open studio, tiny house, or small house, we have a solution. 
​We believe Octobie offers you the best option for a durable, energy efficient, hand-crafted, and complete yurt cabin kit on the market.

Our team has fine-tuned the Octobie wood yurt design for more than a decade. During our owner's 15+ years in this market, he has noticed that most yurt kits come floorless or provide one without insulation. A strong, insulated floor is critical to your yurt's durability and integrity, but they are difficult to build. We’ve responded to this need for our customers, and we've value engineered all of our components, by building them well and efficiently, in order to provide a complete and quality kit to you. And, all at competitive pricing and without sacrificing beauty and strength in design. 


300 SF + Extended Wings 

Octobie Models

199 SF Model

This little one is permit free in most counties as a basic kit, and is a scaled down model from our larger, engineered Octobie. 
Why clients love it: Flexible, wide open floor plan allows for many uses and is quickly adaptable: Change it from a workspace to guest cottage and more — easily. High, light-filled ceilings make space feel roomy. 
Price: Very competitive pricing. Ask us about it! Call or write for a brochure.

300 SF Model

Want a permittable building? We've got plans for that! This model comes with engineered professionally stamped plans, ready for you to take your building department. 
Why clients love it: Similar to the 199 SF, but even more options due to its size. And, even easier to convert to a tiny house while maintaining open feel. 

300 SF Model + plus additional wings
Want to add more square footage and keep the open yurt feeling in the central space? Just add our extended wings. Each wing adds 125 SF of space, and by adding (2) wings you can easily fit a bedroom (queen bed) with closet, bathroom, and kitchen.
Why clients love it:  Keeps the integrity of the yurt feel, while adding significantly more space for much less money per SF. 

Custom Homes
900-1200 SF
Why clients love it:  A unique home just for you! 

Octobie Wood Yurt Kits — Studio, Tiny House and Small House Sizes