What is an Octobie?
Octobie wooden yurts are today's modern, durable, prefab abode — inspired by world heritage solutions. Brought to you by seasoned Oregon yurt makers, Octobies are eight-sided yurts drawn from historically proven design solutions, which incorporate energy efficiency, portability, and versatility — a necessary response now more than ever. Portable or permanent: These enduring, yet adaptable dwellings are a great solution for any setting. 

How Big is an Octobie?
While we offer multiple sizes, our most popular is in the tiny house vein at 199 SF, and it's typically permit-free in most counties. Beautiful and efficient, this tiny cabin-style option responds to the changes in our adaptable lifestyles, making it a great choice for those looking for a tiny space that's big on flexibility. 

Why Get an Octobie?
Octobie's handcrafted-prefabricated-kits, are one of the most complete (insulated floors are included!) and durable yurt kits on the market and are very competitively priced. Our wood yurt cabins are a great solution for those interested in a small footprint with maximum square footage for a tiny house, home addition, office space, versatile studio, guest cottage and much more. 

Who's on Your Bench?
Our crew has more than 30 years of combined wood yurt building experience. Not only is our team smart and friendly, they care about energy efficiency, too! We've expanded on the design of the yurt's traditional windowed dome, and added a cupola to offer diffused, passive light, creating a wonderfully soft ambient feel and energy efficiency from its vented heat chimney. Beauty and science! 

Unique Octobie Feature —— The Cupola
Octobies are designed to accommodate a standard 4-foot dome; however, we have found that the cupola is a very beneficial feature, which allows for diffused natural light rather than the dome's straight beam. Additionally, the cupola serves as a venting heat chimney for energy and cost savings.

Skimp on Energy Costs, but Not on Looks 
Our team has continued to perfect design and offers a streamlined selection of solutions. Here's an example of a variety of cupolas for your dome ceiling that offer passive lighting and energy savings with a heat chimney.

Oregon Yurt Makers

Here’s a Bit About Us

Dwell Well

Our Deeply Experienced Owner & Team

"The Octobie Yurt that Lou built is an incredibly beautiful and functional structure. Lou worked with us in a way that made everything so easy and effortless, listened to our specific needs and allowed us to incorporate natural materials. He continually went above and beyond what I expected. I would highly recommend Octobie Yurts."  — Christine R.


Expert Oregon Wood Yurt Makers
Based in Eugene, Oregon, Lou and his team have a history of building durable wooden yurts for 20 years. During this time, Lou has improved on standard designs and offers a one-of-a-kind wooden yurt. 

Locally Sourced and Built with Local Labor
Our 8-sided wood yurts are built with Pacific Northwest lumber and by Oregon builders. With their uniquely honed skills, insights, and expertise our build team delivers a truly uncommon, beautiful, and energy efficient dwelling.

Octobie Wood Yurt Kits — Studio, Tiny House and Small House Sizes