We love the feel of a yurt — open, airy, and uplifting, and we wanted to enhance the design with the qualities of a more durable solution — that’s why we love building prefabricated wood yurts as kits and custom homes.

  • Flexible design — transitions into a tiny home, small home, or flexible studio space to use as your guestroom, office, yoga studio, media room, sanctuary space, music room, she shed, man cave, wine tasting room, pottery studio, and more!

  • Easily ADA adaptable for mobility and accessibility

  • (8) Wall panels can be arranged in any order to suit entry/exit locations and views

  • Super energy efficient — can be heated/cooled inexpensively

  • Extreme weather and storm resistant 

  • Legacy building made to last by incorporating durable construction and timeless design 

  • Engineered plans ready for larger foot prints

  • Perfect for urban and rural living 


Why Wood Yurts?

Octobie is an eight-sided wooden yurt. This new-old abode is styled by inspiration from historically proven design solutions and draws intelligence from indigenous structures that deliver energy efficiency, portability, and versatility. We have incorporated these values into a modern solution that responds to our present economy and lifestyles. Octobie’s octogonal wood yurts offer customers an easy, energy efficient, flexible, and cost effective space solution with diverse functionality for both urban and rural settings.


8 sides.
​A multitude of possibilities.

wood yurt

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Custom Homes
900-1200 SF

300 SF  Kit + 
​Wing Extensions

A cost effect way to extend your SF

300 SF  Kit
Engineered and stamped, ready for permitting — great for tiny homes or add extensions for a small home

199 SF  Kit
Typically permit free as a basic kit

Octobie Wood Yurt Kits — Studio, Tiny House and Small House Sizes